Beautihub Ushers In a New Era of On-Demand Beauty Services

February 14 02:52 2023
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic’s aftermath has shaped Europe’s freelancer economy. Beautihub, for example, launches in a new era in the beauty services industry.

The COVID-19 Pandemic shook the world in early 2020. One of the most significant effects was on the economy. Many businesses shut down or changed their ways of operation to accommodate social distancing. Though the coronavirus had so many negative impacts, innovation was the one good thing that came out of it.

Beautihub, a leading beauty service booking platform, advocates for freelancer inclusion and transparency in the beauty, fitness, and wellness industry. Founded in 2022, by Beauty and Tech Entrepreneur Patricia Sutter, the Beautihub platform was built around the mission to demystify the beauty on-demand industry making it safe and accessible for freelancers and clients. Beautihub’s goal is to motivate its customers to treat themselves to treatments that will improve their health and overall well-being while making the freelancer’s business management easy through simplified digitalization. 

Given the aftermath of the Pandemic, where working from home is a new lifestyle. Fitness, wellness, and beauty professionals suffered their economic crisis and are now struggling to recover from long-time unemployment. Beauty experts have now earned a category of their own in the Freelancer industry and Beautihub is ready to provide digitalization and a platform just for them. 

“Beautihub’s service booking app brings wellness treatments right to your door, on-demand, seven days a week, wherever you are. Forget about visiting your favorite wellness center; our experts will come to you,” says a Beautihub representative.

For many clients, the time saved by in-home treatment is the most appealing aspect of mobile services. Many people prefer the comfort of being in their own space. Beautihub offers lifestyle on-demand. Their talented and trusted wellness experts arrive with the most up-to-date products and tools, ready to make their clients look and feel their best.

Inspired by a mission to provide accessible beauty and wellness services, Beautihub believes in fostering an innovative and inclusive environment where customers can be matched with talented professionals to create bold and beautiful experiences. Customers can book in-home treatments with a certified Beautihub wellness expert using their app, available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Some services available in Switzerland through the Beautihub platform are:

–  Personal Training
–  Makeup Services
–  Holistic Coaching
–  Massage Treatments
–  Yoga, Meditation
–  and many other treatments for men and women of all ages

Beautihub is dedicated to providing its clients with an improved and secure on-demand booking platform. They partner strictly with certified service providers to give customers peace of mind when booking a mobile treatment.

Customer Reviews

“Making a stop in the city for hair/makeup took hours of my day. Now, one of their pros comes directly to my home or workplace. There’s always someone available last minute. I usually book the same people, so I know what I’m getting, which makes things super easy. I recommend Beautihub.”

“Beautihub platform is indeed a lifesaver! I’ve used this for personal yoga and fitness training. Their freelancers are professional and always on time. I also love the convenience of being in my personal space – which is an added plus!”


Beautihub, a beauty service platform, is looking for freelancers to collaborate with. Professional freelancers in Switzerland who want to expand their niche are encouraged to apply online. For more information on the services provided, visit their website below.

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