Play2Learn and MetaHug launch a Digital Fashion Design Competition on Roblox during Fashion Week

February 13 17:51 2023

February 13th, 2023 – The SaaS platform Play2Learn, which focuses on bridging education into platforms like Roblox, announced today their new experience: MetaHug Marketplace, which will be open in a month. The game is a studio on Roblox focused on avatar creation, opening its doors with a sneak peek Fashion Design Competition. Under the slogan ‘Looking for the next Coco Chanel!’, the learning platform is putting the spotlight on the next fashion visionaries that believe in virtual and sustainable fashion and who are making a name for themselves as clothing designers in the metaverse.

The competition will take place from 10 am CST on February 17th to noon on February 19th. The game is built around different social role-playing experiences for its users, like becoming a fashion designer, creating their own fashion lines, and owning their own stores, as well as learning how to market and sell their items, all with the intention of fostering the future of fashion entrepreneurs in the metaverse space. Users will also be able to experience exclusive collectibles inspired by the Paris Fashion Week, like the lion head dress from Schiaparelli that Kylie Jenner wore to the show, or the viral upside-down dresses from Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture.

Tapping into topics like sustainability, innovation, and the influence of subcultures, virtual fashion designers will share how they became involved in the world of virtual fashion, where they draw their inspiration from, and how real-life fashion trends influence in-game designs. With this event, Play2Learn, MetaHug, and different designers and brands are set out to inspire and help shape the next generation of digital entrepreneurs that will showcase their designs alongside some of the biggest brands in fashion, like Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and DressX.

The competition is part of the 2-day Digital Fashion Week. The judging board will select and announce the three finalists for the best Fall/Winter design collection on February 20th on MetaHug’s Roblox Group, and they will be able to showcase alongside some of the most prominent brands during the fashion week, as well as being awarded Robux, the premium currency within the world of Roblox. The 3rd and 2nd place will be awarded 5,000 and 15,000 Robux, respectively, and the 1st place will receive 30,000 Robux and a year contract with MetaHug Organization.

Users must be 7-25 years old and submit five 2D or 3D clothing outfits to participate. The competition is based not only on design but also on how well the different competitors market their clothing lines and drive sales during the two event days they have to launch and showcase their own clothing lines. In the game, retail stores have been created to foster players to develop their brands by making them their own and to teach them that learning how to market and sell is equally important as their talent as creators.

Additionally, the digital platform aims to empower sustainability through events like this, as digital avatars are opening up new opportunities for fashion retailers and brands in the physical and non- physical world (on average, the production of digital fashion uses 97% less carbon than the production of physical garments). In the words of Lian Pham, co-founder of the initiative: ’By simulating reality by role-playing anything in the game, initiatives like this champion creativity, reinforce more sustainable choices, and, ultimately, support the new digital talent that will shape our future’. In the end, ‘The world’s next Coco Chanel is probably a 10-year-old girl who is currently designing avatar skins on Roblox.’ as Cathy Hackl, the metaverse executive and luxury and fashion innovator puts it.  

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