BeiTeck Offers Affordable and Upscale Apartments and Houses in Lebanon

February 13 11:24 2023
BeiTeck is a property technology (PropTech) and real estate data analytics firm that digitizes brokerage transactions in Lebanon through a SaaS-based online platform. The platform contains rental and sale marketplaces that display properties to users with different types and categories throughout all districts in Lebanon and connect brokers or homeowners/landlords with buyers or renters.

BeiTeck has tackled a problem that long has long existed in Lebanon: the real estate market remains reliant on informal methods of communications (i.e, word of mouth, various broker relationships, social media, newspapers) and disjointed platforms. The decentralization of information is a challenge for the widespread marketing of properties and for the accurate representation of market pricings, preventing users from accessing comprehensive metrics that inform them of the industry dynamics and competition. 


Thus, BeiTeck developed a web and app platform, available for download in both IOS and Android, to digitize brokerage real estate transactions and gear it towards a data analytics provider. The platform consists of a SaaS-based centralized marketplace that provides convenience to users through an innovative digital solution, optionally saves money for them through avoiding traditional brokerage fees or marketing costs, and brings pricing and property features transparency. Users can now use the data and information that are revealed on the platform to compare different properties and make informed decisions to categorize which listings best suit their requirements. 

BeiTeck developed multiple features that smooth out users experience. It developed an advanced filtering mechanism that filters and sorts listings to users after users input the displayed currency, price range, bedroom or bathroom range, property type and category, size range, and payment methods. Additionally, the firm has signed up with google map as an API to let users pinpoint the properties on the map. Furthermore, its contact information tool encompasses multiple contact methods including WhatsApp messaging, tour request and an internal messaging system. All these features have ramped up user traffic, differentiating BeiTeck from its competitors. 

BeiTeck adds value in the Lebanese market by offering the best data-driven experience to search for properties, by comprehensively informing its users of unique characteristics that could impact their decision in contacting or signing a deal with the listings’ owners. 

The company has outcompeted other firms within two years from launch date due to its innovative features of helping users to find apartments for rent in Lebanon by showcasing payment methods, frequency of monthly payments and downpayment. 

Its sale marketplace has proven to be the best in the country after storing more than 4K listings within six months from its launch in May 2023. Its user interface and experience has helped increasing the number of leads that brokers and homeowners have been receiving to help users find apartments for sale in Lebanon.

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The firm strives to pioneer the real estate data analytics sector in the Middle East by showcasing insights per region, such as supply and demand variations, pricing fluctuations, volume of listings changes, and other metrics that are of interest to brokers, corporate entities, and government agencies.  

BeiTeck offers a free service plan option that allows customers to post unlimited rental or sale listings free of charge, with the intent to gather data and monetize them by providing them to users on the platform, corporate entities, or local municipalities in the long-term. The free service plan gives competitive advantage over other firms. 

About BeiTeck:

Beiteck is a real estate-centric marketplace that aims to dominate the data analytics sector in Lebanon and potentially in the Middle East. The firm helps renters and buyers by offering a user-friendly platform to find properties in Lebanon. The firm’s specialization and concentration in one sector gives users ease of mind and increase their level of trust.

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