This Young Mexican Boxer Has Proven Himself A Beast In The Boxing Arena.

February 13 10:50 2023
This Young Mexican Boxer Has Proven Himself A Beast In The Boxing Arena.
Mario Orlando Herrera, 25, is an up-and-coming boxer hailing from the city of Chicago, Illinois, USA. He currently has a record of 9 Wins, 0 Losses, 1 Draw, and 7 KOs. He owns a business named Casa De Boxeo LLC.

Born on September 23, 1997, Herrera started competing in sporting competitions from the early age of 4. He has had a history of playing soccer, football, basketball, and running track and field before entering the professional world of boxing. He made his boxing debut on April 17, 2021, defeating John Blanco and winning by Unanimous Decision. Since his debut, the 5’10” boxer has recorded 9 Wins and 1 Draw, with 0 Losses. He has won 7 of his bouts through KOs. Herrera has been nicknamed “Hemi” by one of his trainers for his fearsome and force-filled fists. Herrera is managed by his agent Raul Herrera. 

“The Pain Itself, Is Love.” – Mario Herrera

Herrera started boxing at the age of 17. His intense training standards made him change gyms frequently before settling on 187 Boxing Club. His impressive work ethic and determination made him win the 2019 Middle Weight Division Chicago Golden Glove Champion, despite having only eight amateur fights under his belt. Herrera gives the most credit to Fernando Perez, his high school’s strength and conditioning coach. Perez saw massive potential in the young Herrera. To keep Herrera from getting into trouble, Perez advised him to take up boxing, and the rest is – as they say – history.  

“Everything I have done and achieved, I have worked for.” – Mario Herrera

Herrera is an ambitious boxer taking the boxing world by storm. He is a skilled boxer with a mix of speed, strength, and technique. He is a “beast” in the ring – a delight to watch for the spectators and a nightmare to his opponents. Herrera continues to hone and polish his skills to achieve his dream of becoming the World Champion.

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