Speakap Helps Organizations Increase Employee Retention, Using an Employee App

February 11 00:49 2023
Speakap is a mobile-first employee app that helps companies connect with their entire workforce. The app is easy to use, and is built to start and end a frontline employee’s workday.

Speakap’s employee app helps organizations engage with employees, by increasing transparency, building trust and forming clearer communication channels between frontline workers and the head office. With an employee app, important company information and feedback are shared more easily.

According to a Gallup study, employees want learning opportunities, and 71% say they want to leave a job to update their skills and search for development opportunities. An employee app helps understand these needs, and can also be a training tool. 

“The most effective way of increasing employee retention is knowing what your employees need and meeting those needs. After more than a decade, Speakap’s biggest tactic remains unchanged: Help clients understand what their employees need by meeting employees where they are,” said Patrick van der Mijl, Co-founder and CEO of Speakap

The team at Speakap are providing a platform for internal communicators and HR professionals to close the gap between employees and head office. The employee app is available wherever employees are: on their mobile devices. They’re able to receive information that is relevant to them, in their own language. It also gives the employee app admins a better understanding of their workforce, what they can improve, and where they need to increase engagement. 

However, employee apps that are built specifically with frontline employees in mind are not very common. 80% of the global workforce is deskless, which translates to a staggering 2.7 billion employees. Yet, only a fraction of employee technology is focused on this group.

“By overlooking deskless or frontline employees, organizations are creating an even greater divide between HQ and everyone else,” said Patrick van der Mijl, Co-founder and CEO of Speakap. “Recent studies show that the global economy loses trillions to low engagement, so there’s a big opportunity here. But if it’s not addressed, the gap will continue to grow, resulting in a workforce that feels misunderstood and undervalued.”

To learn more about Speakap, visit the website to book a free consultation around internal communication needs and find out how an employee app can contribute towards retention in an organization.

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