Swiss GEMO Luxury Beauty Instrument: Leading the Fight against Decline by Scientific Aesthetics

February 10 01:35 2023

Recently, the home-cosmetology field to add new members, from Switzerland’s professional anti-aging brand GEMO launched high-end home-cosmetology products GEMO luxury cosmetology.

GEMO, as a high-end brand of Swiss home-cosmetology instrument, relies on the Swiss advanced anti-aging medical technology, and uses the advanced technology in product development.

According to a survey by Inmintel, a market research consultancy, 59% of urban Chinese women aged 20-49 say they have used at least one household beauty device. It is expected that the market scale of home cosmetology instrument in China will maintain a high growth rate in the future. With the rise of the younger generation of consumers, the market of home cosmetology instrument in China will have a huge development space.

It is precisely because the home cosmetology instrument market is not yet fully mature, but also gives new access to the rapid growth of brand opportunities. To GEMO character, afore-mentioned industry setting is opportunity namely. In recent years, with the upgrading of consumer demand, GEMO will take the lead in the Swiss anti-aging technology used in home beauty equipment, for the solution to provide a new solution for anti-aging face.

GEMO Luxurious Beauty Instrument combines with the 5th generation hot margie skin care concept, makes breakthrough use of RF-ICE ice ice radiofrequency anti-aging technology, assembles safe and efficient radio frequency (RF), micro current (EMS) and phototherapy (LED) functions, provides young solution for skin, improves wrinkles, relaxation, dark yellow and a series of other skin aging problems, and brings more effective and comfortable anti-aging experience for consumers. Ice sculpture young outline, and fade time traces.

GEMO Luxurious Beauty Instrument innovatively adopts custom-made fine sapphire parts, and uses sapphire contact cooling to continuously cool skin epidermis, effectively promote skin recovery and avoid pain, redness and skin sensitivity caused by excessive temperature.

It is reported that GEMO luxury beauty instrument from research and development has been adhering to a high standard and science, and insight into consumer pain points, provide young skin solutions.

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