Have An E-Commerce Store? Skyline FBA Will Create High Quality Product Photos Without Upfront Costs

February 08 22:39 2023
Product photographer Skyline FBA offers a risk-free solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs

The online retail space has seen remarkable growth in the last few years, allowing entrepreneurs and small business owners to establish their own digital store with relative ease. Yet, this proliferating market is also incredibly competitive and noisy, making it increasingly difficult to break through and stand out from competitors.

Traditionally, product manufacturers and retailers sought the assistance of experienced photographers who specialize in making their products look appealing and heroic in order to appeal to their desired audience and ensure their products garner attention.

Benjamin Harty, co-founder of Skyline FBA, is one such product photographer.

As Harty explained, the requirements of e-commerce companies are continually evolving and requiring increasingly complex visuals, which in turn makes it more costly to secure one-on-one service. Established entrepreneurs may not feel the pressure from this extra expense, however younger business owners struggle to find someone who can deliver quality content within their budget restraints.

Furthermore, miscommunication can arise when attempting to interpret the client’s vision with an artist, as it can be difficult for even the most skilled photographer to accurately render what is in the customer’s mind. These issues create a risk level that is no longer acceptable for many retailers, according to Harty.

As the online world continues to move forward at breakneck speeds, Harty believes that Amazon product photographers will need to adapt to the sensitivities of art buyers.

When selecting a photographer, many professionals require a retainer fee to be paid upfront, usually non-refundable. Should the client be dissatisfied with the work, reimbursement is not possible; they must then seek out another artist and begin the process all over again until achieving the expected outcome.

From his clients’ perspective, Harty assesses the potential risk for entrepreneurs is linked to finding a photographer who can reliably bring their ideas to life.

“What if this friction was removed, and art buyers could see the deliverables before committing to a purchase? How would the market respond?” questions Harty.

Skyline FBA ventures to answer those questions with their new Amazon product photography service, exclusively for smaller e-commerce stores and entrepreneurs. The process starts by filling out a questionnaire and shipping the product to Skyline FBA, and ends with a digital gallery of professional product photos that the client gets to pick and choose which ones they would like to license, if any.

Through this process, Harty seeks to streamline the art buying process for entrepreneurs not seeking customized work while still delivering high quality visuals; benefiting both the content creator as well as the content commissioner. More information can be found at https://skylinefba.com/amazon-product-photography-service/.

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