Where to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, According to Wanderlust Spanish

February 08 22:09 2023
The energetic capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is filled with history. This is why language schools have a variety of Spanish classes available, including intensive language lessons and classes based on the four core competencies. Wanderlust Spanish unveils the best programs so students can tango their way to Spanish fluency.

Buenos Aires is commonly dubbed “The Paris of South America” and is a hub for travelers and language learners. As individuals looking to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires increase, Wanderlust Spanish revs up efforts to help students maximize language learning.

Wanderlust Spanish is a Spanish school based in the city of Buenos Aires. It offers various types of Spanish courses in Argentina that are designed for the life that each student wants to lead in Buenos Aires. 

The classes are based on the four competencies students need to gain confidence in Spanish. The four competencies are writing, reading, listening, and speaking. To achieve the best development in each one, the best Spanish school in Latam employs a lot of resources that include movies, books, role plays, debates, newspaper articles, podcasts, and songs. 

“The crucial thing here is we adapt the contents to the interest of our groups. This way, students can practice with topics that matter to them, and that way, the learning will be more fluent,” a representative said in a statement. 

Apart from outstanding lessons, students will have access to all Wanderlust Spanish material to complement their learning process. The company also features a YouTube Channel with educational videos, tips on how to learn Spanish for kids, as well as guides with recommendations about their travel to Latin America. This way, students can be part of the Wander Classroom and talk with native teachers available for them.

Erin, one of the students, described Wanderlust Spanish’s teachers as “extraordinary,” and shared about his wonderful time learning with classmates who later became friends. 

“I continue to study with Wanderlust’s team of extraordinary teachers, and have many friends who now also study with them. The creativity of the teaching, aimed at the learner’s specific interests, is unmatched – and I say that as a professor,” wrote Erin.Erin invites everyone to join the fun language learning in the best Spanish school in Latam: “Wanderlust Spanish also offers a series of short one-day courses on Latin-American literature, music, dance, etc. that are not to be missed.”

As an industry leader, Wanderlust Spanish is on track with its goal to make students feel comfortable with the language and also for them to learn the many uses of the words along with the typical expressions of Buenos Aires. 

All Wanderlust Spanish teachers have years of experience teaching Spanish and have degrees in Language and Literature from various universities in Latin America. 

Those who want to get a jump on their studies before arriving in Latin America may visit www.wanderlustspanish.com to get started. Others who want to learn more about Wanderlust Spanish may follow its social channels for more information.

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