Massage Bed Manufacturer, Sonkly Highlights the Health Benefits Of Massage.

February 08 13:44 2023
Sonkly has emerged as a professional massage bed manufacturer offering multi-sectional fixed beds for clinics as well as salon furniture. The brand highlights the benefits of massage and designs essential tools for massage.

Based on a professional medical & salon furniture manufacturer, Sonkly presents massage beds and highlights the health benefits of massage. With over 15 years of experience, the brand has set the trend among massage bed manufacturers. The brand has strived to improve and upgrade the manufacturer’s technologies—the designed products with high quality and unique features like adjustable level, durability, and material quality.

Massage bed manufacturer Sonkly designed an electric massage black bed with exceptional benefits in terms of performance, appearance, and quality. The electric massage bed can be customized according to the user’s needs. The massage bed helps to release stress and increase relaxation because stress can affect mental and physical. In addition to easing stress, massage can relieve anxiety, insomnia, and headache. Massage therapy boosts the immune system and active white blood cells that protect the body from viruses.

The multi-sectional fixed massage bed enhances mental health and overcomes muscle pain as users face lower back pain, upper back pain, nerve pain, and neck pain as well. In addition, the athletes need a massage which helps to improve their body performance, decline muscle tension, and prevent injuries. Massage improves blood circulation and develops pressure in the blood that can move through congested areas. 

The electric massage bed by Sonkly facilitates its users with incredible features, including:

  • Removable head cushion with a facial hole

  • Backrest

  • Comfortable bed

  • CE certified motor 

  • Motor controller

  • ABS bottom cover 

The massage bed is incredibly designed with high-tech machinery which is multi-functioning and provides the user with a relaxing environment. Its unique design is developed by the strong R&D team within a 3-day duration. The brand uses wooden packaging with 1.5cm thickness in the manufacturing of massage beds which gives all-around protection for the products. Its silk floss on the sponge provides comfort, and the thick 1.5mm iron enhances its solidity and long-term usability. The brand follows strict quality rules and uses high-quality raw materials because Sonkly uses a US standard motor with 3 years warranty. 

Furthermore, there are no age limitations to using a massage bed; any individual of any age can use it for physical or emotional health. Sonkly’s massage bed has three lifting points: backrest lift, leg lift and overall lift. The users can move the bed through the foot pedal and lock the bed by lifting the pedal. Its two sides design space increases the storage. The brand provides delivery and online services 24/7.

About Sonkly:

Foshan Sonkly Medical Beauty Technology Co.LTD is a well-known professional manufacturer of medical & aesthetic furniture like electric beauty massage beds and chairs, tattoo beds and chairs, gynecological beds, and much more. The products designed by Sonkly are utilized in salons, tattoo shops, clinics, and Dental hospitals. The brand takes new initiatives and highlights the health benefits of massage. Sonkly specially designed a multi-sectional fixed electric massage bed with multiple features. The brand continuously invests millions of dollars in preparing different levels of automatic equipment for manufacturing and effectively upgrading the transformation. Sonkly has the vision to become a high-quality manufacturer in the medical and salon furniture industry with standards of quality, innovation, and client needs, as well as services. The brand works tirelessly to provide efficient and comfortable products to users worldwide.

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