Party Wall Surveyors In London and the Law

June 23 17:09 2022
Party Wall Surveyors In London and the Law

Party Wall Survey London

Party Wall Surveyor London (Party Wall Act of 1996)

Property owners looking to start a project that affects one or more adjoining property could potentially require a Party Wall Agreement by a professional party wall surveyor.

When does a property owner need a party wall survey or professional party wall surveyor

The First Step is to identify which neighboring properties, if any, have the potential to be affected by building work and to notify the owners by serving them with a party wall *notice.

If a property owner is looking to carry out building works to the Party Wall itself then they wouldl need to provide the adjoining owner with two months notice.

*In cases where there is excavation required within three meters of adjoining property requires a one month notice in London and throughout the UK.

Party Wall Surveyor Agreement London and across the UK

If the adjoining neighbor dissents to the notice then each property owner would need to appoint a party wall surveyor. The two surveyors would then work together and prepare and serve a Party Wall Award on all affected parties. In most instances neighbors will be happy to use the same surveyor as their neighbor. By doing so, it keeps your overall party wall costs down if you are building.  It can also speed up the process as there are less people involved in making the award. If the adjoining neighbor concurs in the appointment of a party wall  surveyor then this surveyor is referred to as an agreed party wall surveyor and the surveyor must act impartially at all times.

The Fixed Price Party Wall Survey Difference

A professional party wall survey service today should record written and photographic (including before and after drone) evidence of the condition of all the parts of your property that could be affected by the work. A survey not only provides peace of mind to both parties whichever side of the building operation being undertaken as it protects both from any fraudulent claims for damage and any legal requirements.

*In all normal circumstances the cost of the party wall survey is payable by the property owner carrying out the building operations and not the adjoining owner.

Party Wall Surveyor London conducts business differently than most surveyors in London and around the UK providing clients with an upfront fixed price, no excuses, extras or gimmicks for their legally documented no-hassle party wall service from start to finish, including post project.

This is the only price a client will ever be billed and not a penny more. Straight forward, easy management of any party wall concerns of either party wall neighbor may have. Guaranteed.

*as required by the Party Wall Act of 1996

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