Tree Service Alpharetta Turns Dead Trees Into Construction Material

June 21 20:37 2022

Alpharetta, Georgia – After an unexpected disease killed oak trees on Daniel’s landscape, the homeowner decided to find a team that could handle the tree removal procedure before the dead trees turned into hazards. Daniel had reportedly dealt with dead trees that turned into a hazard after internal decay occurred. After contacting several companies and looking at the quotations delivered plus their years of experience, the homeowner decided to hire Tree Service Alpharetta.

Even though the trees hadn’t started decaying from the inside,” said Daniel, “the tree removal procedure was going to be complicated considering that the trees were standing behind the house. This meant that the team had to be more creative to bring the trees down without harming any utility.”

When Tree Service Alpharetta reported on Daniel’s landscape yesterday, Daniel was surprised to see some of the machines that would be put to use during the tree removal procedure. The company had reportedly brought with it 2 cranes and 2 bucket trucks.

When the family asked why the company had brought 2 of each major equipment,” said Daniel, “the head of field operations noted that his team wanted to finish the tree removal procedure as quickly as possible as another homeowner wanted help with tree trimming on the same day.”

Using the bucket truck to access the tree crowns,” said Daniel, “the team carefully pruned the trees, removing all the branches. According to the chief of field operations, this tree pruning was necessary as it would reduce the width of the trees when they finally came down—this meant that the neighboring utilities wouldn’t be harmed.”

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The two teams reportedly used the crane to control the tree’s falling path. On cutting the base, the team slowly lowered the trees, ensuring they followed an ideal path and landed on a clear patch.

It was the most intense 120 minutes of work the family has ever witnessed,” said Daniel. “Each member on the Tree Service Alpharetta team knew exactly what to do to make the project succeed. The trees were removed carefully, ensuring that none of the utilities close by were touched.”

The homeowner had reportedly mentioned that he was planning to build a wooden shed for relaxing outside. When the trees were brought down, the chief of field operations reportedly asked Daniel if he would like to turn the oaks into construction materials.

This question was unexpected,” said Daniel. “The family expected the company to just leave after bringing the trees down. However, now that opportunity had presented itself, there was no way the family was not going to take advantage of it.”

When Daniel confirmed that he would like to convert the oak trees into construction materials, 2 men—who had decades of experience in construction—were assigned to cut the trees into timber.

The team turned the dead trees into timber that fit perfectly for the shed that the family had been planning for years,” said Daniel. “This had the family thinking that maybe the death of the 5 oak trees was not entirely a bad thing. While it was not the family’s plan to have dead trees, the oaks had turned into useful materials for construction. The homeowner noted that this had significantly reduced his budget for the outdoor shed.”

The team of tree cutting professionals reportedly went ahead and cleaned the landscape. The team collected the sawdust, the branches, and leaves, and then arranged the timber nicely. The homeowner was surprised to learn that all the work Tree Service Alpharetta had done would cost him less than $10,000.

Tree Service Alpharetta plans all its tree maintenance procedures from its base at 945 North Point Dr #1230, Alpharetta, GA 30022, United States. Homeowners, however, contact the company at +1 678-990-1862 and [email protected]

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