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January 13 20:51 2022
Gear Up With Me has put together some tips on how to make a car last longer

A popular online car accessory store that sells everything from car cleaning products to car repair accessories has put together tips to help keep cars on the road longer. Gear Up With Me ( has put the tips together on how to make a car last longer to avoid spending money on a new vehicle and major car repairs.

One of the big investments in life besides property is a car. As soon as a car leaves the forecourt it goes down in value. The car will continue to go down in value if not looked after properly. If a car is not cared for then it will not last as long as a car that has properly been maintained. If the car has not been maintained, then it could result in continuous money being spent on it.

The tips provided by Gear Up With Me have been put together to help drivers save money.

Maintain the car’s battery

It is important to maintain the car battery to avoid having to replace it. If the car has been left for long periods of time, then the battery could degrade and could go flat.

A good way to keep the battery healthy is to use a trickle charger ‘if the car has been left in a garage for an extended period of time.

Use A Dog Car Seat Cover

A Dog Car Seat Cover priced at just $58.99 can stop dog hairs from getting embedded into the interior of the car. It can also stop scratches to the interior. Damage to the interior could reduce the sale price of a vehicle.

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Change filters regularly

One of the important things to do to reduce maintenance costs and the cost of running a vehicle is to change filters regularly.

The car’s oil filets just like the air filet can become clogged over time. They should be changed when servicing the car and is a simple job to do.

Check car tires

It is important to make sure that car tires are at the right pressure. Driving a car without the right pressure could cost more fuel.

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