The LED bathroom mirror with practical functions

December 06 16:54 2021

The modern mirror products, which have been mature in the use of craftsmanship and materials, have won the favor of different people with their diverse shapes, diverse styles and extended functions. In the bathroom, two new functions of mirrors interpret the life legend of bathroom mirrors with their unique “talent”.

The water vapor from the shower in the bathroom always mists the mirror and makes the mirror useless. Therefore, high-quality bathroom mirrors generally have anti-fog and waterproof functions, and have strong light refraction.

1. Anti-fog

According to the principle of anti-fog, bathroom mirrors can be divided into coating anti-fog mirrors and electric heating anti-fog mirrors.Coated anti-fog mirrors prevent the formation of a fog layer through the micro-holes of the coating, which is safer but more expensive.The electric heating anti-fog mirror is heated by electric heating wire or electric heating film to achieve the anti-fog effect. Electric heating anti-fog is more primitive, self-important, requires power, and leaves space on the back of the mirror, but it is cheaper.


Choosing a bath mirror should not only choose an anti-fog type bath mirror, but also pay special attention to the waterproofness of the bath mirror. The general waterproof bath mirror is coated with special waterproof material on the back. Installing this kind of bath mirror in the bathroom will effectively avoid mold growth, cracking, and even the phenomenon of the entire mirror falling off in the gap on the back of the bath mirror (the bath mirror is falling off). It will inevitably cause a lot of hidden safety hazards and should be treated with caution). The high-quality electric heating anti-fog mirror should be a combination of anti-fog, water-proof mirror and safety mirror. Even if it is immersed in water, there is no leakage. When buying, the homeowner must pay attention to its waterproof safety. It is best to check whether it is waterproof before buying. Don’t just buy cheap or good-looking bathroom mirrors and buy inferior and unsafe bathroom mirrors by mistake.

Is there any simple and effective way to prevent fogging of the bath mirror? There is an anti-fog film tailored for bathroom mirrors on the market. This is a translucent polyester film that can generate heat after power on. The special conductive heating material is sealed in two layers of polyester film. It also applies electric heating effect. Start from one end and apply it as flat as possible. The power switch of the anti-fog film should be connected in parallel with the front light of the mirror for easy use.

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