Enduring The Badge Podcast features first respondents, offers advice on physical & mental health

December 06 21:09 2021
This podcast is a helpful learning tool for first responders.

Enduring The Badge Podcast sheds light on the truth behind first responders who are enduring trials on- and off-duty. Its episodes highlight personal accounts of how witnessing so much tragedy has taken a toll on their lives.

In the podcast, listeners will hear from the first responders’ families how their work has affected them. Learn how they have overcome these difficult times, and find out their insights about their situation.

“You will discover ways to thrive on and off duty. You will also acquire knowledge on how to navigate the difficult transition from work to home,” stated the Enduring The Badge team.

The team shares some great episodes recently featured in the podcast.

One episode is “Do You Want to Be a Great Mentor — Authors Sam & Chris Adams.” This topic is for those who want to be confident first responders or mentors. The guests are Christian Adams and Sam Adams, who are authors and co-owners of Field Medics. They tackle their books, “Life and Death Matters” and “The Field Medics Workbook.” They also talk about their PADL program, designed to streamline and facilitate high-quality, reliable and reproducible paramedic training.

Another featured episode is “Why Is Yoga So Important for 1st Responders — Oliva Mead.”

The guest is Olivia Mead, founder and CEO of YogaShield® and Yoga For First Responders® (YFFR). She addresses first responders who find it hard to manage stress. Mead talks about flow state nd mindfulness through yoga and the importance of proactive resilience training for first responders.

Enduring The Badge Podcast is hosted by Jerry Dean Lund, who has more than 30 years of service behind the badge. He draws upon his personal experience of surviving those dark thoughts of suicide and overcoming injuries on duty. Lund is dedicated to empowering his fellow man to take action on their own mental and physical health.

A five-star review from listener Rod Goossen states, “This podcast experience was great! The host, Jerry, asks insightful questions of the guest and gets the true story out of his guest while throwing in humor and keeping the pace of the show alive. Jerry is obviously passionate about first responders’ work, and this clearly shows through on his podcasts.”

Enduring The Badge offers a free seven-day journaling notebook called “7-day Journaling Notebook to Unleash Your Potential.” This journal is for people who want to start their journey of self-discovery. It provides tips to build a daily journaling habit and weekly journal prompts to guide users to success. This journal is their first step to unleashing their true potential.

More information can be found at https://www.enduringthebadgepodcast.com/.

About Enduring The Badge Podcast

Enduring The Badge Podcast is a show about first responders and is hosted by Jerry Dean Lund. The podcast episodes include professionals who have ties to the first responder world. They discuss topics on mental health, physical fitness and technology to help first responders do their job safer and more effectively.

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