New Kickstarter campaign introduces the next generation of digital connecting

November 23 06:45 2021

SocideCard is a new innovative app that enables users to discover and meet new interesting people within a 15-meter radius.

Finding like-minded friends and/or potential business contacts in a new city has always been a challenge, until now. A newly launched breakthrough app on Kickstarter has been designed to help people find potential contacts within a radius of 15 meters (GPS). Titled “SocideCard”, the app dawns on the next generation of digital connection.

SocideCard stands for “Social Identity Card”. 

It allows users to look for other users within a radius of 15-meter (GPS) as well as see the specified social media channels of one another. Users can check out the social media profiles of other users in close proximity and send requests/get requests to/from like-minded people to connect with digitally which might eventually lead to long-term friendships or prospective professional/business networking. 

“We are excited to bring you our revolutionary SocideCard app that will enable you to discover and meet new and interesting people in your close proximity. You will be able to share your interests and/or business ideas or professional goals with new people you will find around you. This way, making friends and/or professional contacts in a new place would be easier than ever, even if you don’t know anybody in the new city beforehand. SocideCard is all set to transcend the concept of digital connecting to a whole new level altogether”, stated the leading spokesperson from the SocideCard team.

The app is completely free to use and it would take no more than 20 seconds to register with the app. All one would need here is a valid phone number, password, and a username, and s/he is good to go. After registration, users will have to enter their Social Networking Channels on the SocideCard account and once it’s done, s/he can set out on the adventure of looking for potential friends within 15 meters of range.

“Today everybody is looking for new contacts, just to know the ‘real person’, and SocideCard will show you who is who. Fun part is, one perceives people (whom s/he has previously seen in real life) entirely differently when s/he receives a subscriber request through a respective social networking platform. SocideCard is all set to activate new access globally.”

Per the statements of the spokesperson, SocideCard will serve as an excellent gateway to form new business partnerships that can take the user’s business forward. The app would be especially great for those engaged in social media business- SocideCard will enable them to gain new followers from anywhere they go to, be it a party or a café.

Top features of SocideCode:

  • Enables users to discover new friends or potential professional contacts in close proximity
  • Information will be transmitted quickly and securely
  • User-friendly and elegant interface
  • Allows users to increase the range and effectiveness of their social media channels
  • Offers great opportunity to generate new subscribers and followers
  • Fully compliant with all data protection regulations
  • Powered by a Germany-based high-performance computing system
  • Free to use with absolutely no ads

“At SocideCard, we are looking forward to disrupting the realm of social media through game-changing innovation. SocideCard is something that the world hasn’t ever seen before, probably only imagined of such cutting-edge functionality. But, now, you have it in reality and we wish to establish it worldwide. The coolest part is, we want you to be involved in it too, and thus this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring SocideCard to life and aid us to transcend social connecting to newer heights.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive unique custom SocideCard, Private discord server invitation link, and more such exciting rewards.

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter

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