Roboligent: Here’s an advanced robot to shape the future of rehabilitation centers

November 22 19:45 2021

Rehabilitation centers are actively looking for automated solutions to manage workload, but many employees believe industrial robots are unsafe for human interactions. Industrial robots available in the market currently provide limited compatibility with AI perception, resulting in injury and task failure. As a result, rehabilitation centers find it challenging to meet patient needs due to rising costs and worker shortages. Fortunately, Roboligent, a robotics company founded in 2016, has developed a safe and reliable robot for automating processes that can interact with humans.

Optimo Regen is powered by Roboligent’s cutting-edge technology and is designed to automate therapists’ physical labor with human-like assistance. Its AI-enabled automation is based on advanced, force-control technology with five pending patents. Most importantly, Optimo Regen was invented from the ground up, based on peer-reviewed evidence of equivalent clinical outcomes of robotic rehabilitation interventions versus standard therapy. Moreover, the complaints about existing robotic devices in the clinical field were also studied and examined while designing Optimo Regen.  

Some experts and researchers believe that one of the leading causes for the insufficient efficacy attributed to the rigidly guided interventions of the existing devices, including CPMs (Continuous Passive Motion Machines), encourages passive riding rather than voluntary participation of patients. Furthermore, complaints from clinical fields on tedious setup time, operational complexity, and limited usability for the high-price of existing robotic devices indicate a slowdown in the market growth. The Optimo Regen robot is a cutting-edge piece of equipment designed to adhere to these unmet needs in the clinical field.

Optimo Regen is designed to overcome the limitations based on its one-of-a-kind, force-control robotic arm technology, and advanced control software. The pure force-based device allows patients to experience a wide range of dynamic interactions from free motions with weight support to compliantly guided movements with an assisted-as-needed scheme, encouraging voluntary participation of patients. The device offers wide usability with various exercises for the arm and the leg in sitting or lying positions, as well as rarely-existing automatic assessment for the range of motion and strength of patients. Its advanced features, such as an Omni-directional powered mobile platform, promote simple setup and operation, helping therapists focus more on the quality of rehabilitation.

Roboligent is doing its utmost to maintain the momentum in the rehabilitation robotics industry by building close ties with key organizations. Currently, the Texas-based company has secured a deal with a Singaporean company, Seimitsu Factory Automation in Singapore (SFAS), to supply its mobile manipulator as a robotic rehabilitation device in the Asian market. Moreover, Roboligent has also delivered its force-control actuators to a robotics lab at Purdue University. Recently, Roboligent launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. Along with this campaign, Roboligent will take a leap and initiate marketing and sales activities to discover customers and potential partners. 

We design new types of mobile manipulator robots to automate mundane, manual tasks in service areas, such as clinics and logistics. The robots are built from the ground up based on patent-pending, force-control technology, integrated with advanced AI perception, enabling them to perform tasks previously hard to automate with existing robots.” – Bongsu Kim, Ph.D., CEO, Roboligent.

The National Science Foundation has vetted Roboligent and awarded the company a highly competitive $1.2 million SBIR grant with eligibility for a $500,000 matching grant. Roboligent’s Optimo Regen comes with a dynamically interactive, compliant, and safe motion-based intervention in a full 6D space powered by a force-control and 7 degrees of freedom robotic arm technology. 

In addition to Optimo Regen, which allows patients to experience a wide dynamic range of interventions from free motions, Roboligent has also designed Optimo Dex. This robot was developed for pick-and-deliver automation. The manipulator is equipped with a force-controllable gripper that can change its fingers on the go and handle objects with a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes. Optimo Dex is designed to transform the way the warehouse industry operates. 

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