New England Physicians Using Secret “UpWellness Mojo” To Restore Energy, Stamina, Focus, and Mood

November 20 01:09 2021
New England Physicians Using Secret "UpWellness Mojo" To Restore Energy, Stamina, Focus, and Mood
Thousands of Americans are using their adaptogenic herbal blends to help with energy, stamina, and focus.

Primary care physicians are scratching their heads as millions of Americans are streaming into their offices reporting similar symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, body aches, difficulty sleeping, and food cravings without a clear explanation or diagnosis. Countless websites and internet chatrooms are overflowing with comments from sufferers who describe a loss of their “mojo” and many of them believe that they are suffering from a new, complex illness called “adrenal fatigue”.

Conventional physicians scoff at the diagnosis and tell these patients that adrenal fatigue does not exist, or that their symptoms are “all in their head” or that they are simply overstressed. Drs. Joshua and Amanda Levitt disagree. With a combined 40 years of direct clinical experience, they have worked extensively with patients suffering from this condition, they have a deep understanding of what is causing it, and they have developed a safe and effective solution.

After observing this pattern of symptoms in thousands of patients, their years of clinical research and experimentation led to the discovery of an innovative herbal medicine formula that reliably helps people “get back their mojo”. The medicinal herbs in this formula are known as adaptogens, and each one has a specific biochemical target inside the adrenal gland.

They named the core formula UpWellness Mojo and have made it available to the public in both a Chocolate and SuperBerry flavor.

When people with the symptoms of “adrenal fatigue” drink UpWellness Mojo, they routinely report improvements almost immediately. This remarkable effect is related to the effect that adaptogenic herbs have on the adrenal gland and the physiology of the stress response. When the adrenal glands are fueled with adaptogenic herbs, they provide power to every organ and body system, which is typically experienced as a surge of sustainable energy without the crash that comes from caffeine or energy drinks.

UpWellness’ Mojo combines adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms in specific ratios to help those struggling with fatigue, increased cravings, slow metabolism, and sluggish focus experience steady all-day energy, control over wanting those late-night snacks, an enhanced metabolism, and improved concentration, while also helping to brighten their mood, achieve steady emotional calm, manage their stress better, and strengthen their stamina and endurance.

UpWellness’ Mojo Chocolate comes in order sizes of 1-, 3-, and 5-pouch options, each pouch containing twenty (20) stick packs inside). And UpWellness’ Mojo SuperBerry comes in bundles of 1-, 3-, or 5-jar supply to suit every customer’s individual needs.

Dr. Josh, Dr. Amanda, and their team at UpWellness are excited to continue innovating and supporting their customers through a unique “best of both worlds” approach to nutrient-rich living, and by continuing to provide best-in-class, common sense natural health solutions.

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All UpWellness products are physician formulated and made with 100% natural, hand-selected ingredients. Each of their formulations are 3rd party lab-tested for quality and safety, and Dr. Josh & Dr. Amanda take great pride in producing only the highest quality, premium grade products.

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