High and Medium Voltage Industrial Projects Can be Safe and Affordable to Install and Maintain

October 25 16:06 2021

Industrial complex electrical projects take the most knowledge and attention to detail than any other type of electrical installations.  Substations must be set up to handle the volume of electrical power that will be utilized by an industrial complex.  The most training of technicians must exist and the most knowledge by a company chosen is a must.  CSG Electric of Toronto, ON, has been providing exceptionally safe and stable electricity generation for years to industrial complexes in the GTA.

The safe flow of electricity is crucial and therefore substations are always set up for medium to high voltage industrial complexes.  Licensed and completely vetted technicians are a crucial component.  CSG has the experience, knowledge, and properly trained technicians to ensure safe and reliable electrical transmission in large and medium industrial facilities.  In an industrial complex, hundreds of employees may be present at one time, so safety becomes of the utmost importance.

Of many times equal importance, the stability, and reliability of the electrical energy supply must be considered.  Having a blackout at a large complex is fearful for the employees, will impact the workflow and production each time, and can lead to industrial accidents such as slips and falls during a blackout by the employees.  This problem is tackled before it happens by CSG,  Backup generators are strategically placed and installed according to a plan laid out in detail by CSG.

In addition to safety and stability in electrical transmission in industrial complexes, many building code standards must be followed to the letter, or any industrial complex owner can face heavy fines and penalties from the government. 

Each jurisdiction in Toronto and the GTA may have differing requirements, and CSG keeps abreast of these requirements.  There also can be updates made by the government that needs attention immediately to again avoid fines or even possible shut-downs of businesses in a complex. 

Troubleshooting of problems is a specialty of CSG.  Any industrial complex owner should always be aware of flickering lights, interruptions in power, and other signs that the electrical system is experiencing problems whether because of outdated parts or because of overloads.  CSG can inspect the entire industrial complex from top to bottom and report and then remedy all problems for an owner. 

Power shutoffs that are needed to be done immediately to avoid fires and other accidents will be approached by CSG with the use of disconnect switches.  These disconnect switches will immediately shut off a short circuit, or a power surge which can damage components of the business and endanger employees. 

There is no cutting corners on an electrical transmission that is safe and secure in an industrial complex. Too much is at stake, and CSG should be consulted for both older and newer electrical systems.

About CSG Electric

Located in Toronto and serving the GTA, CSG has been in business for years, and is known for their qualified, licensed and vetted technicians.  The attention to detail is in demand by industrial complexes as these can be difficult projects but must meet all regulations.  There is an online form on the website a phone and an email for contact. 

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