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October 22 05:08 2021

With the weather turning cooler, now is a great time to perform routine maintenance on the heating system. Taking care of some simple chores now can help avoid a potential catastrophe when a repair professional may be challenging to find during the dead of winter.

Outside Maintenance is Important

One great place to start preparing the heating unit for the season is the outside system. Accumulated leaves and other debris should be cleaned out of and off the system at the start of each season, and a quick spray with a garden hose should take care of the job. This practice will have to be repeated throughout the winter especially following heavy snowfall, and this ensures that all of the outdoor equipment will have plenty of room to operate. For more information keeping obstructions away from an outside unit, contact

A Word About Air Filters

Changing or washing the air intake filter is another crucial pre-season check. This check is necessary for the proper functioning of the heating system because, if the air intake is obstructed, it will cause the heating unit to work even harder to heat the home. This extra work will result in increased utility bills and a shorter life span for the appliance. Considering the cost of the average HVAC system, this can run into thousands of dollars or an expensive heating repair.

Some homes are equipped with a reusable air filter, and some homes use disposable ones. Reusable air filters should be removed every three months and thoroughly cleaned to remove accumulated dirt and dust particles. After the filter is cleaned, it should be completely dry before reinstalling in the housing. Disposable air filters require replacement periodically within the terms recommended by the manufacturer of the filter. For questions about the proper size filter, AirNow Cooling and Heating can help.

Clean Vents Can Make a Big Difference

Cleaning the air vents will keep the heating system operating efficiently. This can be accomplished using a vacuum hose attachment to remove any dust or spiderwebs that may have built up in or around the air vents. It may be necessary to clean the actual vent with a wet, soapy cloth if the ducts haven’t been cleaned in a while. 

Installing a smart thermostat can help the system operate more efficiently, but it can also save money. Today’s smart thermostats can learn when the home is occupied and must be kept at a comfortable temperature. More importantly, however, they also learn that valuable power can be saved when the house is empty. If there are other smart appliances in the home, they can all be linked together to optimize electrical efficiency. For help with installing a smart thermostat, contact

The heater works hard to maintain a cozy and comfortable temperature inside the house. It should be inspected by a professional annually to ensure that it will do its job when needed most. 

AirNow Cooling & Heating has been serving Montgomery and the surrounding area since 1991. They offer 24/7 emergency service as well as routine maintenance and repair. For appointments, call 334-285-7065.

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