Tips for Buying Baby Clothes – New Mothers Need To Know

October 14 11:40 2021
Tips for Buying Baby Clothes - New Mothers Need To Know
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Buying baby clothes is always a specific hardship for parents. Compared to buying adults’ clothes, buying baby clothes need to consider more things. For appearances, people need to think about what kind of style is the best for the baby. Choosing classic baby clothes? Or pick up an individual one? How to choose suitable baby clothes sizes? Today’s article will advise some tips for buying baby clothes, and some recommendations of baby products.

1. Baby clothes sizes

Baby clothes sizes should not be too big or small. Too big clothes will not look good. Too small clothes will cause uncomfortable. So it is important to check the size chart of the brand before buying a baby cloth online. If a mother is not sure what size is suitable for her baby, she can contact the supplier for some suggestions directly.

2. Clothesfabrics

Another important consideration for buyers is the clothes’ fabrics. Different from adults, babies’ skins are more delicate and more sensitive. So parents are better to choose eco-friendly, healthy baby clothes made of green, organic fabrics without chemicals that may irritate the skin.

All baby products in Kaiya Angel are made of natural, soft fabrics. Including 100% cotton, Pima cotton, bamboo fiber, etc. These fabrics are friendly, breathable for babies’ skin. Every baby will feel comfortable after wearing them.

3. Competitive prices

High quality is the basis of a product, and a competitive price is also necessary. Consumers care more about cost performance now. Good baby clothes need to have good prices. Kaiya Angel has its own factories to offer all customers more affordable, more competitive prices, and give them better shopping experiences.

4. Labels outside

Normally, the labels are on the inside of clothing. But for babies’ clothes, it is easy to make babies feel scratchy and uncomfortable. Kaiya Angel baby clothes have printed labels and put the itchy hanging tags on the outside.

5. Relaxed neck openings

Besides, the relaxed neck openings also can bring babies more comforts.



These two snap rompers both have a relaxed neck design and legs free. Babies’ bodies are still growing, and need proper exercise, like kicking legs. Legs-free design can help them move freer. There are three snaps on the bottom of these two rompers to help parents take on and off more conveniently. Also, it is easier for a diaper change.

6. Adjustable bottom

The concept of sustainable development has been defined as profitable. Kaiya Angel also follows this concept. Below two sleeping sacks, both have adjustable bottoms. On the one hand, it makes a sleeping sack have higher cost performance. On the other hand, it also makes the product have a longer service life.

The wide range of sizes for all-aged babies from 3 months to 24 months. Two-ways zippers are more convenient for diaper changing. Also, these two sleeping sack both can be personalized. The baby’s name can be embroidered on the left chest of a baby cloth.


Besides the adjustable bottom, this long sleeve sleep sack also has removable sleeves. Buy one can get two different styles of sleeping sacks, long sleeves and sleeveless. Long sleeves for better warm-keeping. Sleeveless for flailing arm freer. Customers could switch easily between these two types.

These sleeping sacks are also roomy and lightweight. Babies will feel more comfortable wearing them. There is enough space on the bottom for a freer movement.


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