Truen Smart Home Camera EGLOO Cam S4 Release

October 07 15:06 2021

As the number of home CCTV users has increased recently, various related products are being released. Among these, the newly-released smart home camera EGLOO Cam S4 from Truen is attracting a lot of attention for its various movements and functions that can be utilized in daily life.

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Truen’s smart home camera EGLOO Cam S4 is a Wi-Fi-based home CCTV camera with various functions and easy installation and use. With its smart home IoT function, remote monitoring and control through a smartphone app is possible. It is also equipped with alarm, video recording, storage and motion detection functions. In addition, the camera has built-in temperature and humidity sensors which can be checked from outside. The built-in smart remote control function can control power sources for appliances such as the AC or TV, making the EGLOO Cam S4 suitable for child and pet care in addition to housekeeping.

All products of Truen EGLOO are based on Wi-Fi networks, and multiple cameras can be registered, checked, and managed with one account. In addition, the ‘Master function,’ which requires the approval of the first device registrant, is a solution to hacking-related problems, so you can use the EGLOO Cam S4 without worry when sharing your account with family members or other people to allow them to watch recordings.

The EGLOO Cam S4 supports full HD video and has a built-in night IR LED to provide clear images even at night or in the dark. Videos can be stored in the EGLOO cloud service developed and operated by Truen, or can be saved on an SD card.

EGLOO cloud is available for a small monthly fee and stores videos in the cloud 24 hours a day. By downloading a file of the time period customer wants, saving or sharing it directly to one’s phone is possible. In addition, the cloud supports a video speed-up function and a preview function for saved videos which allows quick search through the saved video data.

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Truen’s smart home camera EGLOO Cam S4 is available for purchase on Amazon.


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