Trey Wonder Gears Up To Release New Single ‘Man Made Flu’

September 23 14:46 2021
This masterpiece was released on Friday, September 17th, 2021

Trey Wonder, an independent punk artist from the big Island of Hawaii, has recently released his new single, Man made flu, on Friday, September 17, 2021. This shark from the Island of Hawaii is reputed to have recorded three full length albums in his home studio, and released them at Trey Wonder production studio. For this lover come producer of music who grew up on punk, metal, and even some grunge, this new single is another of his melodic alternative/ punk rock.

For lovers of alternative and enthusiasts of punk rock music, ‘Man Made Flu’ promises to provide a different and controversial view of the pandemic and the new mandates. Born Trey Hatcher, Trey Wonder is known for literally disrupting the music industry. But, worthy of note is the notion that the single is not anti vaccine, it only promotes freedom and personal choice. As always, the single is an expression of art that is open to interpretations.

As any musician that has anything to say must have been through some challenges, Trey Wonder is one of such musicians. Trey found a safe space in listening to songs and writing his own lyrics after experiencing a number of heartrending circumstances. Though they threatened his craft, they further strengthened it. He communicates gruesome happenings around him through his beats, sounds, and even words. This new single is not an exception.

Trey Wonder production, with its claim of producing honest quality music, is again the brand behind the production of ‘Man Made Flu’. It can be accessed via electronic play, on the Trey Wonder Website or by following Trey Wonder on YouTube. Trey Wonder currently has 22,717 monthly listeners on Spotify. ‘Man Made Flu’ promises to further show the universe of the stuff Trey Wonder is made of as his popularity as a voice in alternative/ punk music continues to soar.

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