Semi-Final of “Chuangxiang China” Anhui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Overseas Division) was successfully held

September 13 14:24 2021

From August 21-22, 2021(Pacific Time), the semi-final of “Chuangxiang China” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was successfully held, together with 5-Years Anniversary Banquet and Investment Meeting of Overseas Division.

This year is the fifth year that “Chuangxiang China” Anhui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has opened an overseas division. This year, a total of 212 Startups all over the world have signed up for the Overseas Competition. Also, some projects already started cooperation in the Chinese market and established partnerships with leading companies in the industry. 

At the opening ceremony of the Semi-final of Overseas Competition, Mr. HAIFENG WU, Director of the High-tech Development Department of Anhui Development and Reform Commission, delivered a speech on behalf of the Competition Host. Mr.Wu said Anhui has gradually become a great area for innovation and business, also he hoped overseas entrepreneurs could start and fulfill their China’s plan in Anhui.

Mr. HAIFENG WU delivers a speech on behalf of the Competition Host

Afterwards, Mr. KEN PETRILLA, President at ClearView Advisors, former Executive Director of the California-China Office of Trade and Investment, Managing Director and U.S. Representative of ChinaVest, Representative of American Chamber of Commerce, delivered a keynote speech on the theme of “Silicon Valley Innovation Motive Force”, focusing on how the innovation in Silicon Valley, US, and other countries, like EU have played its role in the post-epidemic era. 

Mr. KEN PETRILLA delivered a keynote speech 

The Semi-final of Overseas Competition has conducted in the form of “online + offline” and “Double Venue in China and US”. Ten expert judges from VC firms, Industries, and Accademia participated in the evaluation and invited American law firms witness the entire competition.

Online roadshow for the Semi-final of Overseas Competition

On the evening of August 22, 2021 (Pacific time), “Chuangxiang China” Overseas Division 5-Years Anniversary Banquet and Investment Meeting was successfully held. Through the cloud connections, the Silicon Valley Venue invited representatives from the representatives of expert judges, public company experts, startup entrepreneurs, overseas investors, and volunteers who have given fully support to “Chuangxiang China” Overseas Division in the past five years. The guests present at the Anhui Hefei Venue include Xia Cai (Chairwoman of Hefei Gaoxin Development and Investment Group Company), Songting Xu (Secretary of Anhui Western Returned Scholars Association),  Jingying Chen (General Manager of Zhongan Chuanggu), and dozens of overseas project representatives attended the investment meeting online.

Silicon Valley Venue of 5-Years Anniversary Banquet and Investment meeting

Anhui Hefei Venue of 5-Years Anniversary Banquet and Investment meeting

During the meeting, on behalf of the Competition Organizer, Jingying Chen, General Manager of Zhongan Chuanggu, congratulated the representatives of the overseas winning startups and warmly welcomed them to Anhui. Then, Jiahe Li, Ming Yang and Yang Niu introduced the development of Hefei High-tech Zone, the investment attraction situation of Hefei High-tech Zone, and the investment direction of Innoval Capital and logic of its investment in overseas projects.

MS. JINGYING CHEN delivers a speech on behalf of the Competition Organizer

Afterwards, the entrepreneurs enter the online panel discussion, where the startups illustrate their China’s plan and seeking for partnership with local investors. Both investors and startups has an in-depth exchange on investment policies, cross border structures and other essential business parts. 

Dr. XI hosts the round-table forum

Finally, Xia Cai, Chairwoman of Hefei Gaoxin Development and Investment Group Company, introduced the fund investment situation of the Gaoxin Group and the concept of building an investment ecology to promote industrial development. She sincerely welcome overseas projects to visit Hefei High-tech Zone.

Ms. XIA CAI, Chairwoman of Hefei Gaoxin Group delivery a concluding speech

After the Investment Meeting, the Silicon Valley Venue held a 5-Years Anniversary Banquet for “Chuangxiang China” Overseas Division. 

5-Years Anniversary Banquet for “Chuangxiang China”Overseas Division at the Silicon Valley Venue 

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