Shuttle Compact Storage of Inform Group Makes the Logistics Warehouse System More Flexible

September 10 18:20 2021

In order to improve the utilization of storage space and store goods in high density, the shuttle system was born. The shuttle system is a high-density storage system composed of racking, shuttles and forklifts.

The automatic navigation shuttle racking system project of Liuyang tobacco alcoholization warehouse of Hunan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. undertaken by Inform Group is a representative compact storage project in tobacco industry.

1. Customer Introduction

2. Project Overview

This project is the Liuyang alcoholization warehouse of China Tobacco Changsha Cigarette Factory, which stores alcoholized tobacco leaves. It covers an area of 80,000 square meters and is divided into 60 warehouses. It adopts the storage mode of “shuttle + forklift”, 14 shuttles, more than 100,000 pallet positions, and more than 80,000 wooden pallets. Project inbound and outbound characteristics: According to the characteristics of storing alcoholized tobacco leaves and processing requirements, inbound and outbound regularly and in large batches.

3. Shuttle System

The shuttle system is a semi-automated compact storage system that uses the shuttle to transport pallets inside the storage aisle. The shuttle car transfers the unit pallet materials from the inbound end to outbound end according to the production process, and the pallet materials are arranged equidistantly at a predetermined pallet space.

Operation mode: According to the arrangement of cargo access end, it can be divided into first-in first-out mode (FIFO) and first-in-last-out mode (FILO).

• First-in-first-out mode (FIFO): The pallet is deposited from one end and taken out from the other end of the tunnel.


· It can realize the sequential access of logistics and meet the general logistics requirements;

· It can realize logistics access operation according to zones and optimize on-site management;

• First-in-last-out mode (FILO): Pallet access only works from one side of the lane;


· Forklift channels are arranged on one side, which can make use of the warehouse area to a greater extent;

· Suitable for occasions with low requirements on the sequence of materials in and out.

The shuttle system provides ideal solutions for the following situations:

• With a large number of pallet goods, and require large quantities of inbound and outbound operations.

• High requirements for the quantity of cargo storage.

• Temporary storage of pallet goods or batch buffering of wave picking orders.

• Periodic inbound and outbound in big batch.

• The shuttle racking system has been used, and it is required to store more deep pallets and increase the amount of warehousing operations of inbound and outbound.

• Semi-automatic shuttle racking system has been used, such as forklift + shuttle, hoping to reduce manual operations and adopt fully automated operations.

Shuttle features:

Cooperate with shuttle mover, stacker crane or forklift type AGV to realize fully automated warehouse entry and exit operations;

Cooperate with high forklifts to realize semi-automated warehousing operations;

There are two types of operations: FIFO and FILO;

The shelf structure is simple and cost-effective;

Mobile or fixed charging station is optional;

Compatible with pallets in different sizes, a single cart can be used with different types of pallets

4. Project Advantages

It is high-efficiency, high-density, and low-cost storage method. Compared with drive-in racking, the storage capacity is equivalent, but it is safe and reliable, and the rack is not easy to be damaged. Using the lifting plate and positioning sensor, each goods will be transported to the farthest storage position in the tunnel. Access to goods can be easily operated by controlling the forklift. The shuttle can lift the pallet by itself and runs along the rails in the racking lane, transporting the goods from the entrance to the inner lane or from the inner lane to the exit.

According to customers’ requirements for high-density storage and high-efficiency storage and retrieval of materials, the use of a shuttle system can greatly increase the density of materials in the warehouse, save time for forklifts to retrieve materials, and reduce workers’ working hours.


1. High-density storage

Compared with ordinary pallet racking and mobile racking, the storage capacity can be increased by more than 50%.

2. Save cost

Reasonable space utilization reduces operating costs.

3. Less racking and cargo damage

Compared with traditional VNA racking, there is no need for a forklift to drive into the racking aisle, reducing human accidents, and the racking is not easy to be damaged.

4. Expandable and improved performance

It is easy to add additional shuttles and operate synchronously, which can meet the task of inbound and outbound with higher efficiency.

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