Xenolith Vault Launches Fundraising Campaign On WeFunder For Secure Privacy Data Vault

September 10 15:02 2021
Xenolith Vault Launches Fundraising Campaign On WeFunder For Secure Privacy Data Vault
Xenolith Hyper Secure Privacy Data Vault

Xenolith Vault, LLC is excited to announce the launch of their fundraising campaign on WeFunder. The initial Xenolith application will provide data security services for high net worth individuals via law firms and direct sales.

A Xenolith, in geological terms, is a large fragment that becomes enveloped in another rock during the giant rock’s development. This is symbolic of the digital security that Xenolith is looking to provide to its clients.

How Xenolith Works

Xenolith is designed to have an easy user experience. Here are some key features of the process that keep the user’s information secure:

  • An Attorney or another user loads their private information into Xenolith’s operating system.
  • The client accesses their files over a private portal, with the Xenolith application being protected by two-factor authentication. No one else can access the file, not even Xenolith.
  • The server connects over the intranet using proprietary detached cloud technology.
  • Only the client knows their encryption key, and when they log out of the session, the data goes dark. When the file is not being used, it doesn’t exist.
  • Providing world class customer service is an early success factor for Xenolith. They provide remote support and consistent scheduled maintenance and patching to ensure clients always have a smooth experience.

The data security application also eliminates the need for expensive storage methods and makes it easy for clients to retrieve documents. Client information is secure from backdoor entries by hackers, government access, and all the other pitfalls of primary cloud services. High net worth individuals will benefit from this service as data breaches are happening more often and recovering stolen information can be costly. 

“Xenolith solves the problem of securing both business and personal data. We aim to address the global cyber pandemic while offering investors a way to benefit from both the use of the product and growth of the business,” said Jim Morand, Founder and CEO of Xenolith Vault. He continued to state, “With our proprietary Detached Cloud technology, we are in a unique position to provide state of the art security while allowing our customers to access their data anywhere in the world.”

Xenolith is a spinoff company of Sterling Digital Storage LLC (SDS), which has provided IT infrastructure and data center services for 14 years. SDS will provide the backend security and technology to power and protect Xenolith.

The founder and CEO have successfully started over ten companies and has over 20 years of experience in IT Security, Infrastructure, and Data Center Management Solutions. The management team of Xenolith also has a proven track record of multiple startups and exits.

The application is currently far along in the design stages, and a bid has been approved to complete the first version of the software. Everyone needs to protect their data, and Xenolith will come at an affordable cost to help individuals and businesses keep their information secure and easily accessible.

To read more detailed information about Xenolith, view their fundraising campaign on WeFunder by clicking this link.

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