Lhamo Pads: Healthy Sanitary Napkins with Natural Herbal Essence

September 10 02:51 2021

Perhaps a few thoughts come to mind when considering the use of herbal extracts. Perhaps you’re thinking about how we utilize herbal tea to help us feel better when we’re ill. Maybe you’re thinking of essential oils and their ability to brighten a room when dispersed. We utilize herbal extracts on our skin and hair, but what about the rest of our bodies?

Pads With Herbal Infusions

Indeed, there are applications for herbal extracts that can assist you down there. More precisely, herbal-infused pads can help ease cramps and pain associated with menstruation. With plant essences that are safe to have near your intimate parts, you can enjoy the pain-relieving effects of essential oils while also experiencing a cooling impact.

How Does It Play a role?

Plant essences such as rose, mint, lavender, aloe, and houttuynia extracts can aid in pain relief, refresh areas that could use a little TLC, reduce pain and stress, work as anti-inflammatory agents, and reduce dermatitis symptoms. Additionally, aloe essence is relaxing and has a hydrating effect, which can help relieve discomfort.

Reject Toxic Pads!

Regrettably, some pad and tampon manufacturers use a variety of substances that are highly toxic to humans. Not only that, but our intimate areas are delicate and requires special attention.

Say goodbye to cotton pesticides, parabens, latex that may cause allergic responses, chlorine bleaches that may irritate your delicate areas, and synthetic material that has been excessively treated and is not environmentally friendly. Instead, use Lhamo’s herbal-infused pads to provide your body with the care and nutritional components it deserves.

About Lhamo Pad

Lhamo Herbal Pads started with a passion for women health, and it has grown into a thriving business that offer products that are both unique and beneficial. To find out more, please visit LhamoPad.com

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