Fursure: A New Way to Shop For Pet Insurance

September 10 01:54 2021
Helping people find the best pet insurance for their pets.

Pets are family. And for millennials, they are like starter kids. However, taking care of a pet is harder than it looks, especially with vet costs increasing 73% over the last 10 years because of pet healthcare advancements. Unlike before, procedures like CT scans, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy are now readily available. Cancer treatments can start at $6,000 and can easily go over $10,000. An ACL tear can cost $5,400 per knee. Last year, $30B was spent on vet care alone. Costs have risen to the point where it isn’t feasible to pay out of pocket anymore.

When Catherine Dennig’s cat, Simba, was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma, the cost for treatment was over $12,000. What should’ve been a medical decision became a financial one. Before she could even decide what to do Simba passed away just a week after being diagnosed. Many pet owners don’t realize how expensive vet care can be until they’re faced with a large bill. It dawned on her and her Co-Founder, Keji Xu, that they could do something about it – and this is how Fursure was born.

“Fursure is a pet insurance marketplace for pet parents to understand and buy insurance, manage policies, and submit claims. Fursure personalizes your options based on your pet’s breed, age, lifestyle, zip code and budget. Instead of endless research across 100s of options, pet parents easily find their best choices and get covered,” says Catherine. “Fursure transforms how pet parents pay for their pet’s care, with financial products and guidance to help them make better decisions for their fur-family.”

Through Fursure, pet owners benefit from tailored pet insurance that will help them cover expensive vet bills over their pet’s lifetime. More information about Fursure can be found at https://www.getfursure.com/.

About Fursure

Fursure is a pet insurance broker for pet parents. They help pet parents across the US find the best option to protect their dogs and cats – bringing personalization and transparency to the pet health insurance space.

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