How International Lettering Artist Stefan Kunz Creates Art with Words and Helps Brands Along the Way

September 09 23:39 2021
Making messages stand out through lettering and designs.

Lettering and typography has come a long way since its peak during the grunge and graffiti era of the 90’s. In the past years, people have witnessed the comeback of the interest in the process of creating art with words. A lot of designers and artists have created careers out of this path, and Stefan Kunz is one of them. But what sets him apart from the rest? Continue reading to know more.

In 2015, Stefan Kunz quit his corporate job at a bank to pursue his passion in lettering – and his life has never been the same since he made that leap. He was able to create a fusion of design and typography, which launched his name in the business with a distinct signature style of wordscapes, hand lettering art integrated into unique landscapes. This unique take on typography resulted in his international fame and social media popularity. The risk of quitting the secure job paid off, and he is now running a business with three employees only to find greater success.

To date, he has over 545,000 followers on Instagram and one million views on Youtube. And it does not end there. Stefan was able to secure collaborations with big clients, such as Asics, Adobe, Apple, Coca-Cola, Bombay Sapphire, LG, Hallmark, Seat, Pinterest, and Microsoft. He is also the author behind two published books, “The Art of Lettering” and “You Are God’s Masterpiece.” There is no denying that Stefan is a one-of-a-kind letterer, designer, and illustrator who undoubtedly brings his imagination to life.

More than living out his passion, Stefan wanted to inspire people to take a risk and pursue their dreams through lettering. He launched an ultimate online lettering course called “Building Letters 101 Online Course” to thousands of students. The course is uniquely designed to teach students the fundamentals of drawing letters beautifully through a four-step creative process. Additionally, students are expected to be able to find their own styles and voices as they discover the secrets of lettering that goes beyond pen and paper. Stefan is also motivated to instill a love for the craft among his students through this course, which he personally teaches. And unlike other online courses on typography, this course also provides its students with tips and tricks to make the most of their art.

Learn from the best and join thousands of students who have embarked on their own lettering journey. Know more about Stefan and his course at

About Stefan Kunz

Stefan Kunz is a letterer, designer, illustrator and author of the books, “The Art of Lettering” and “You are God’s Masterpiece.”

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