Discusses a BMW E30 for Sale: Exploring Some of BMW’s Top Models throughout the Years

July 23 14:24 2021 Discusses a BMW E30 for Sale: Exploring Some of BMW’s Top Models throughout the Years

Automobiles have been on the market for more than 130 years now. Since the beginning of the automotive industry, there have been numerous advancements in technology, manufacturing, and design. Several manufacturers rise to the top before quickly fading from existence as well. Some never even really got off the ground. Of course, there are also those that have been at the forefront of the industry since the early days and aren’t likely to leave the scene any time soon. 

Looking at a World-Famous Brand

One brand that rose to fame early on in the game is BMW. This brand came into existence in 1916, and it quickly became a leader in the automotive sector. Many people have asked if the long-running company will close its doors in the near future, and here are the findings: no, it won’t. It’s only becoming more dominant with each passing year. 

Sales have remained strong for BMW over the years. Last December alone, the manufacturer sold more than 38,000 vehicles just across North America. Last month, over 32,500 units were sold. While the figures fluctuate from one month to the next, they’re unfailingly high. 

Exploring Some of the Most Popular BMW Models

Several BMW models top the popularity charts. They’re highly sought-after vehicles for several reasons according to Some of the most noteworthy are their eye-catching designs, unrivaled durability, and incredible performance. 

BMW 328

First introduced during the 1930s, older versions of the BMW 328 stand out for all the right reasons. They somehow melded with the classic vehicle styles of the time while also standing out in a class all their own. Those models were sleek, stylish, and fast to name a few of their key attributes. They were certainly show-stoppers, to say the least. 


Fast-forwarding a few decades, it then comes to the BMW M3. It was the flagship of BMW’s wildly popular 3-series and rose to the top of the company’s “M” line of vehicles. It also kick-started a revolution in the automotive sector. In essence, it was a street-legal racecar and came with all the features and performance capabilities to prove its point. A rare E30 BMW M3 Cecotto Edition is now for sale if one is interested.

BMW 1600 GT

In line with some of the well-known American muscle cars of the 1960s, BMW created its own German-built alternative. The 1600 GT had a 1,573 cc engine that could hold its own, and its design held true to the brand’s signature double-kidney grille design. Was it a luxury vehicle or a speed demon? In truth, both could be accurate descriptions. It was certainly beautiful no matter which way one looks at it. 

Those are only a few of the amazing models that have graced the BMW lineup over the years. They’re not easy to come by but one can find them through sites like AmericanListed. When one does, try not to hesitate too long before buying them. Chances are they’ll be gone before one knows it.

BMW into the Future

BMW became a household name right from the start, and its iconic emblem is one of the most recognizable in the world. Several memorable models have made their way off the company’s assembly lines over the years. No doubt, BMW will continue to produce legendary models in the years to come. 

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