Discusses Switching to Clean Beauty Products

June 23 03:30 2021 Discusses Switching to Clean Beauty Products

Everyone wants to keep their skin looking its best. Using the new clean, healthy skincare products on the market is one way to accomplish this. Quality does not always mean the highest price. There are affordable clean beauty products to try that have top ratings. One can discover this info here.

What are Clean Beauty Products?

Clean beauty products are made without cruelty to animals using natural ingredients. They are manufactured in ways that are good for human health and the environment while using products from organic agriculture. These products are certified to contain no parabens, mineral oil, sulfate-based detergents, GMO ingredients, petroleum-based ingredients, synthetic fragrance, formaldehyde, or other unhealthy ingredients. They will not contain Phenoxyethanol or phthalates.

This means clean skincare products will be gentler on the skin and there will be less chance of bad reactions to the products. According to, these products are the better choice for people with sensitive skin and those worried about the aging of their skin. This Plastic-Free, Refillable Lotion Is Setting a New Standard In Clean Beauty. Because the products are all-natural and they cut down on waste, it is a good choice for those wanting to go green in their lives.

Clean beauty products strive to be nontoxic, natural, and actually work. Because they are safer and natural, more and more women are switching over to them. Harper’s Bazaar polled readers and found that almost 50% of women in any age and ethnic groups were willing to pay for clean beauty care products.

When to Switch to Clean Beauty Products?

Beauty experts recommend changing to clean beauty items when a product will stay on the face and body all day or is covering a large skin surface area. The first products one should switch to natural, clean products are hand soap, deodorant, sunscreen, and body lotion. Next, change shampoo, conditioner, and other skincare and makeup products.

Practice due diligence when purchasing new products. The skincare and makeup industry is self-regulated, so companies can claim to have natural, clean products when, in reality, they are using the same old ingredients. So, read the ingredient list on every product before purchasing it. One ingredient to avoid is parabens, which can mimic estrogen and do harm to reproductive organs, the thyroid, contribute to obesity, and cause hormone-related cancers.

Another ingredient to avoid is a group of synthetic fragrance and phthalates that can contribute to health problems like type 2 diabetes, reproductive and hormone problems, breast cancer, and cardiovascular problems. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a harsh cleanser to avoid. Formaldehyde is known worldwide as a cancer-causing ingredient to be avoided at all costs.

The Advantages of Using Clean Beauty Products

Some advantages of using natural or clean beauty products include them being safer to use, being eco-friendly, having fewer synthetic ingredients to cause harm, and their use of natural ingredients. Users of clean beauty products such as those supplied by companies like Indie Lee will have less exposure to harmful chemical ingredients and will suffer fewer headaches induced by product odors.

Some companies offer clean beauty products that come in refillable containers. This is another way to cut down on waste and be kinder to the environment. Healthier, natural, or clean beauty products cost a little more and have a shorter shelf life, but they make up for that by being healthier.

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