There Are Many Benefits Provided By Disaster Recovery Services

January 19 07:24 2021
There Are Many Benefits Provided By Disaster Recovery Services

According to a recent study, the loss of data for enterprise-size businesses has grown by over 400% in the past two years. The same study indicated that the loss of business data because of unanticipated disasters—both man-made and natural—is growing significantly. There are also many small- and medium-sized businesses that make a mistake and assume that the companies are not completely at risk, which is a huge problem according to professional service providers like Venyu.

Now is the time to invest in disaster recovery services from companies like Keep reading to learn more about these benefits.

Most Businesses Are Completely Unprepared

Since businesses assume they are immune to natural disasters and data breaches, over 40% of them have no type of documented disaster recovery plan or strategy. This can be an expensive mistake. For example, a business that is forced to close after a huge storm could lose up to $3,000 each day their business is not open. With these huge costs, the question for many businesses is not if they need disaster recovery services from companies like but what plan is best suited for the business in question.

Free Up the In-House IT Team with Disaster Recovery Services

If the in-house IT team for a business is constantly having to focus on IT support, testing, and maintenance related to issues caused by disaster recovery and planning, they will not have any time to focus on some of the other, essential IT needs. With disaster recovery services, the in-house IT team will have more time to focus on what their core responsibilities are.

Get Up and Running Faster After a Disaster

With proper disaster recovery planning, a company will be able to get back up and running much faster after a disaster strikes. However, with disaster recovery planning is use, there is no need to wait several months, or more, for the fixes to be made.

Save Money

Having a viable in-house disaster recovery plan created can be expensive. This is mainly because of the recurring costs in place for IT support and maintenance. Even though paying a third-party service provider to help create this plan does require a business to make an investment, overtime costs will be reduced, which is usually a top priority for most business owners.

Never Pay for Something That Is Not Used 

When an in-house solution is used, a person will have plenty of storage space but never have to pay for something they are not going to use. There are even programs that are cloud-based that make it even more affordable.

When it comes to disaster recovery for a business, there are more than a few factors that must be considered. Keep the tips and information here in mind to know what to expect with these services and why they are such a smart investment. Keep this in mind to minimize issues, find the right solution, and ensure a business is fully protected if a natural or man-made disaster occurs. 

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