Christine Heath’s Poetry Book ‘Journey of Seasons’ Offers Readers Comfort in Knowing They Are Not Alone

November 27 08:24 2020
Christine Heath’s Poetry Book ‘Journey of Seasons’ Offers Readers Comfort in Knowing They Are Not Alone

Everyone has a God-given talent. Some people find their talent as early as they can walk, while others take time to realize what they can do. Creative people often discover what they can do as soon as they pick up a pencil and paper, but not all realize their potential until much later on. Christian author Christine Heath didn’t know she had a talent for writing until she was in her teenage years, and from there, she would pen her book, Journey of Seasons.

Christine Heath only started writing seriously when she was sixteen years old. She would discover her ability to write when an emotional occurrence became so overwhelming that she could create a masterpiece from her deepest thoughts and emotions on paper in fifteen minutes. Christine would see poetry everywhere. Whether she met a stranger who told her an overwhelming story or a simple cloud in the sky, Christine could write a poem. The poem in the sky was God showing her the poem she had written when she was 16 years old, and then when she was at a women’s conference on November 16, she was shown the meaning of it. In her adulthood, she would publish Journey of Seasons.

Journey of Seasons chronicles the thirty-year journey that explores the life of Christine Heath. Being a Christian, she walked in good faith, knowing that God was with her from the hottest days of summer to the coldest nights of winter. While she knew that God was with her through the seasons, there were times when she felt she was walking alone in the dark. Journey of Seasons reveals what Christine endured and the lessons she learned as she walked through those seasons.

Christine wrote in detail about the many losses that she went through. Readers will not only be taking in her words. They will also be experiencing the heaviness she felt as she pushed through her divorce, the anxiety of wanting to commit suicide, and the heartbreaking losses of her great-grandmother and losing her father to cancer. 

Journey of Seasons is Christine’s gift of spiritual healing to anyone, and everyone who has gone through tragic pain and losses or are currently going through them. With her form of writing, the Christian author offers proof that hope and healing can rise out of the ashes of sorrow. Christine cites Psalms 23:4 as her go-to verse, as seen on the book’s cover. She hopes that her readers remember to set their problems aside during their prayers and allow God to help them see the bigger picture. “Remember always that He will never give you anything you can’t handle,” she has been quoted, “Let love share your pain and your pain show grace.”

Christine Heath was inspired to publish her works when she felt she stepped out in faith and believed. It was her husband who frequently encouraged her and pushed her to believe in her gift. He told her that her writing needed to be shared with the world, that there were people in the world who needed to read her story and share her walks.

With the success of Journey of Seasons, Christine hopes to sell her house to move closer to the sea to escape life. She foresees her travel business, SeasonsofTravel, flourishing and her book becoming well established. Being a person who lives in the moment, Christine Heath will be writing a second book, an autobiography that includes new poems and all the original poems of Journey of Seasons.

To know more about Christine Heath and her work, visit her official website.

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