Could JASON WILBUR be the Banksy of industrial design?

November 18 08:33 2020
Could JASON WILBUR be the Banksy of industrial design?

JASON WILBUR means business. He has challenged the design norms in every industry he has touched and won countless awards, fans and critics alike for the unconventional and magical approach to bringing a new design to life. From futuristic cars to musical instruments, mechanical art and emotional timepieces, JASON WILBUR has reimagined it all while breaking all the rules.

JASON WILBUR’s career is as multifaceted as his bold design and he is creating a whole new world, all his own. He makes art through engineering and poetry through design.

JASON WILBUR questions everything around him, leaving the world with physical gems in the form of mechanical art that elevates one’s understanding of what is possible for the future while questioning the past.

Top watch industry veteran Theodore Diehl Horologist at Richard Mille said: “Jason is one of the most amazing original thinkers within the world of design.” His skill transcends the drawing board. He is known to engineer almost everything himself and forge his ideas in the most futuristic and inventive ways, implementing computer-aided design and tomorrow’s manufacturing and engineering techniques.

“The first time I met Jason and viewed his designs I was amazed. In my 25 years in this industry, he is the BEST I have seen,” confirms Michael Pucci, Watch & Jewelry Industry guru.

From a design perspective, JASON WILBUR’s style knows no boundaries, in one instant it is heavy and mechanical and in another, it is beautifully organic; It all depends on the subject. JASON WILBUR’s ideology is rooted in pushing limits and breaking new ground.

When asked about his approach, JASON WILBUR tells us that “Design is about risk-taking and exploring new ideas no matter how uncomfortable it may be. If I find myself in unfamiliar territory, I know I am headed in the right direction.” 

The world is invited to become immersed in the parallel world of WILBUR. 

The WILBUR Launch Edition Timepiece 

10 years after the revolutionary DEVON Tread 1 nominated at the prestigious Grand Prix de Horlogerie of Geneva, JASON WILBUR is back with a new timepiece. Designing once again timepieces that are challenging the watch industry. Wilbur watches are for the self-made man who is bigger than life and for those who are individual thinkers, rule breakers, innovators and pioneers. 

“The emotional value he injects into his products is epic. Jason is revolutionary,” says fellow artist and designer Matthew Tremblay. Without a doubt, JASON WILBUR will be recognized as one of the most influential industrial designers of our time.


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