Flavored PB Co. Peanut Powder Offers Tasty, Health-Conscious Option Over Peanut Butter

October 31 17:57 2020
Flavored PB Co. Peanut Powder Offers Tasty, Health-Conscious Option Over Peanut Butter
Customers are raving about dessert-inspired peanut powder

Since the debut of Flavored PB Co.’s dessert-inspired peanut powder, customers have left a long line of positive reviews and testimonials highlighting their favorite aspects of this innovative peanut butter alternative.

Flavored PB Co. is the first of its kind, an all natural and gluten free dessert-flavored peanut powder that comes in varieties such as party cake, salted caramel crunch, churro, banana nut bread, cocoa-nut donut, chocolate almond bar, blueberry cobbler, toffee apple, pumpkin cheesecake, and party cake. Each variety is made with de-fatted peanut butter to create a peanut butter alternative with 90% less fat and 75% fewer calories. The team at Flavored PB Co. is proud that each of their options contains nothing artificial; customers can purchase with confidence. While Flavored PB Co.’s peanut powder is a health-conscious option, it’s also offers great taste, with all natural crunchy added ingredients and Stevia and pure cane sugar. Their peanut powder is also very easy to use; simply add water, mix, and enjoy. It can also be used in baking, shakes, and more.

The team at Flavored PB Co. points out that not all peanut butter is actually natural, since commercial brands tend to have added ingredients such as preservatives and oils, and, in many cases, peanuts used in commercial peanut butters are genetically modified. A recently published article from Flavored PB Co. outlines the benefits of flavored peanut powder.

One customer said, “Amazing product!! I absolutely love it! My kids love it and I recommend it… It’s amazing and I’m sure you are going to love it!”

Another customer commented, “I think the product is exceptionally good! I purchased the variety pack. I wanted to let you know this is a really high quality and flavorful product, and I recommend it.”

“Our mission is to entice taste buds with a versatile product that is familiar, but unique, that appeals to adults and children,” said the team at Flavored PB Co. “We want to offer something that you can feel good about eating and giving to your loved ones.”

Customers can visit the Flavored PB Co. website to browse the selection of peanut powders, learn more about their mission and products, and more. Customers can purchase their favorite made in the USA peanut powder online now. All the details can be found at https://flavoredpbco.com.

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Flavored PB Co. offers a dessert-inspired peanut powder that has fewer calories and fat than other options while being tasty and easy to use for baking, shakes, and more.

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