Ellie Family Services Minneapolis Adds New And Featured Classes To Its Agenda

February 27 19:21 2020
The agency provides individual and couples counseling, child and teen therapy, family therapy, medication management, psychological testing and evaluation, ARMHS and CTSS, and additional customized services, both in-office and in-home.

Ellie Family Services Minneapolis location is pleased to announce that its staff and counselors provide individual and couples counseling, child and teen therapy, family therapy, medication management, psychological testing and evaluation, ARMHS & CTSS, and additional customized services both in-office and in-home. Ellie therapists are highly experienced in providing services to LGBT communities. Each of the counselors, therapists, psychologists, and practitioners bring their unique experience, passion, specialty, and personality to therapy, and all understand the power and importance of human connection and good relationships in the process of healing and self-discovery.

Just in time for the new year, 2020, Ellie has a group of classes available to selected groups. Some of the classes are full, so contacting program directors about schedules is advised.  Details about each of the classes, schedules, and locations, as well as contact information, are available on the website.

Further details are found at https://elliefamilyservices.com/

A spokesperson for Ellie Family Services explained, “Our mission is to better the lives of everyday families through the creation and delivery of innovative and customized wellness programs, goods and services. We do this by striving to fill the gaps in services and programs that promote wellness. We are dedicated to giving more people access to wellness services by breaking down barriers, and overcoming obstacles, that get in the way of healing and recovery. Those barriers might involve a lack of funding, stigma, limited resource availability, scheduling conflicts, limited accessibility, and lack of information and outreach.”

“We get creative,” he continued, “in providing unique mental health services to people across the spectrum, from the innovative approaches we take in shaping our agency’s programs and services, to the creative adaptation and application of therapeutic techniques that we use in each session. We employ some of the most creative professionals in the field and continuously aim to promote a culture of unconventional thinking and flexible problem-solving.”

Ellie staff has specialized training to improve the services they provide clients who are a part of the LGBT+ community. They cater to their ARMHS services to meet the unique needs of this population and strive to help clients towards better outcomes. With a greater understanding of the LGBT+ community and the difficulties this community may face, Ellie finds it to be extra crucial that the programs and staff be knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding when working with LGBT+ clients as a part of the ARMHS program.

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