Where dinosaur costumes can be used: A perfect guide for the users

November 09 00:33 2019
Where dinosaur costumes can be used: A perfect guide for the users

Despite being one of the most fearsome dinosaurs to have ever walked the earth, realistic T-Rex dinosaur suits having been popping up everywhere, showing a sillier side of the once feared dinosaur.

Surprisingly, the biggest users of realistic dinosaur costumes aren’t kids but fully grown adults. For example, not too long ago, a bridesmaid went viral because she wore a dinosaur to her sister’s wedding after she was told she could “wear anything”. Hilarious right? Dinosaur costumes have become such a pop culture prop today that you could be strolling by the mall only to find adults wearing them. It’s easy to fit in with your dinosaur costume at a dinosaur park, because everybody will be wearing one, here are some other places you, as an adult, can wear your dinosaur costume to.

7 Places an Adult Can Wear a Dinosaur Suit…

1. Jurassic Dinosaur Theme Park

The Jurassic movies are such a big park of global culture. It will be a shame to attend a park without a costume. Best be sure you won’t be the only one dressed in dinosaur. Perhaps the only way to stand out, seeing as you’ll most likely be surrounded by animatronic dinosaurs that can imitate the movement and sounds of actual dinosaurs, is to go over the top. Don’t settle for an inflatable dinosaur puppet, go the full works with a realistic one.

2. Halloween

There’s no better time to show your inner predator than at Halloween. A dragon costume is just as likely to blend in with the numerous witches and goblin costumes every other adult will be wearing. Big plus, Halloween holds during the fall, when the temperature’s gearing up to reach arctic levels, so you don’t have to worry about a coat ruining your look. The dinosaur will keep you warm all night.

3. Supermarket

No one looks forward to grocery shopping. There’s a reason photos abound of Walmart shoppers wearing outrageous outfits. You don’t have to play dress up to go shopping, just wear your onesie dinosaur. As a bonus, no one has to recognize you while you’re shopping, so if you want to avoid small talk, definitely make this costume your shopping outfit.

4. Kids Birthday Party

If you’re the entertainment, then a dinosaur costume is a necessary part of your costume – especially if the kids are in their dinosaur phase. Parents love putting up a live performance of their kid’s favorite character, if it happens to be a dinosaur, get something that’s realistic and interactive to enhance the performance.

5. Schools

As a teacher, especially a science one, sooner or later, you’ll have to teach about dinosaurs. What better way to make your class fun than to be an interactive T-Rex. The visual impact will be surreal, and kids will remember your class for years.

6. Concerts/Festivals

Dinosaurs draw crowds whenever they’re spotted. Don’t be surprise you get asked to take photographs with strangers. People appreciate art, so don’t skimp on the quality of the costume.

7. Cinema

As long as Hollywood exists, there’ll always be a new dinosaur themed movie being produced. New or remake. What better way to show your appreciation than by doing a T-Rex?

There are still many places an adult can wear a dinosaur costume to aside from those listed above. Just be creative. And if you’re a prankster like the bridesmaid who wore a T-Rex to her sister’s wedding, prank away.

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