CyberByte soon to launch new services to help companies beat data breaches & unauthorized network access

September 12 23:18 2019
CyberByte will soon launch two new advanced cyber security services to protect its client-companies from unwanted instances of data breach and unauthorized access to their networks.

Bucharest/Romania – September 12, 2019 CyberByte is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of two new services, namely Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Security Network Architecture. Designed for advanced cyber defence, the new services are aimed to help companies put up a strong fight against the ill practices of data breaches & unauthorized network access.

CyberByte is a unit of Cyber Smart Defence (CSD), a renowned name in international virtual security operating with 5 companies across the USA and other parts of the world. Focused on the global B2C and B2B market, the entire team of CSD stands ahead with its unique approach to cyber security that stresses on actual talents – instead of automation tools which mostly fail to stimulate the edge of attackers. CSD’s bustling client portfolio involves mostly large corporations operating in various industries, ranging from military, retail, automotive, online gambling/gaming, banking, government, finance, IT&T and telecommunication.  

CyberByte’s upcoming security services will work to detect any instance of cyber attack planning & network breach on the client-company to prevent risks of irreparable damage to the company network and infrastructure. 

“We are glad to announce the upcoming launch of our state of the art Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Security Network Architecture services. As per the reports, 85% servers and business infrastructures are vulnerable to cyber hacks today. And security breaches can cost your firm a whooping $35 million a day! It’s not about IF your company will be hacked, It’s about when it will happen”, stated a leading spokesperson Madalin Dumitru CEO of CSD Group of which CyberByte is part of.

CyberByte’s special Threat Intelligence analyst team will monitor and record the wider web world, social media and the dark web to:

  • Spot major indicators to check whether or not a network has been compromised
  • Profile groups and individuals who deploy TTPs and tactics that were reported in the attack
  • Monitor occurrence of possible vulnerabilities (if any) within ICS, GPS and Wi-Fi systems to warn the client-company of potential  cyber threats so that preventive action can be taken on time.

Based on the Threat Intelligence report, CyberByte will carry on a number of advanced cyber security tests on the client-company. These tests include penetration testing, malware analysis, database security testing, VPN/Remote access security testing, social engineering, source code review, mobile app security testing and so on.  

And what would the company do if the tests reveal any incident of cyber-security breach or any possible incident of compromise on the client-company’s network/database security? CyberByte is backed by its own dynamic Incident Response team who will promptly take action to rectify the problem and put up a strong defense on part of the client-company.  

“We are committed to ensure the strongest possible cyber security and defence for our client-businesses. We are prompt in our action and have the right resources, knowledge and the best advanced team to mitigate your cyber risks and assure a safe hack-free database and network infrastructure for your company.” 

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